How To Find Your Replacement Pool Pump Motor Bearings

10 thoughts on “How To Find Your Replacement Pool Pump Motor Bearings

  1. Dont waste your time replacing bearings. Youll be pissed ! Buy a new motor. If the bearings have gone bad , motor is toast.

  2. I’m a retired veteran living only on Social Security Disability. I can’t afford a brand new pool pump. I have to try and fix it myself.

  3. My new bearings came this morning. 2 hours later, and my pool pump motor is quiet and efficient again. Not a piece of cake . . . you need some tools like an automotive bearing puller. And you need patience to get the motor ends aligned with each other so the long bolts will go through their holes in the field wiring steel parts. But it’s really straightforward.
    My motor 1-1/2 hp inground pool motor is 5 years old. The paint isn’t burned from it running hot. But the bearings were whining loudly. Now, silent. I hope to get 5 more years of service before replacing them again or the motor if it becomes necessary. Total cost: Less than $10.

  4. Not on your bearing list …
    I contacted the manufacturer for bearing information on my STS1072RV1 motor. The reply was “This motor takes a 6304 and 6203 bearing. Both of them are double sealed.”

  5. Bearings are easily replaced…..the motor is not toast. I have replaced 4 sets in my pool motor in the last 8 years and its fine.

    1. Have you tried figuring out why you have to keep replacing the bearings at regular intervals?

      “Easily replaced” is a very subjective statement. Pool owners have varying skill levels, and most people do not have a bearing puller or vice just laying around

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