Why You Can’t Find Hayward or Pentair Products Online

5 thoughts on “Why You Can’t Find Hayward or Pentair Products Online

  1. Thank you for this article. It explains a few things. In the past I’ve not had much difficulty finding Pentair parts on Amazon and for a better price in store. The problem being in that I could find very few Pentair parts in local stores. I noticed recently that the Pentair parts on Amazon and from local retailers had become much more expensive. Worse, both from Amazon and a local retailer, they were showing the part I needed, but I was shipped or ordered and sold the wrong part. INYO pools was able to agree on the part I needed and I obtained it fairly quickly. I’m somewhat of a DIY person simply because of the number of incompetents running around out there.

  2. Thanks. This was very informative. I guess I know what to do when I need to replacement my pool hardware. Thanks, again.

  3. Wow. Atrocious behavior on the part of Pentair. And ultimately counter-productive. Some Chinese outfits will swoop in to fill the need and at lower prices and ultimately drive Pentair out of business. Sure, it will just be knock-off filter cartridges at first, but soon they’ll sell everything.

  4. Finally,save me the embarrassing of telling the customer how much I pay for the part in my local distributor when they getting it for less in the internet

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