Bad Pool Chemical Combinations

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  1. My pool is about 10000 gls chlorine pool. I recently took out filter from pool and cleaned it well. Hardness 250ppm, total chlorine 1-3, free chlorine 0.5, ph 7.2, alkalinity 120, cuanuric 50ppm.
    I get an algae dust almost daily. What do you recommend?

    1. Your free chlorine is low; shock the pool to get your chlorine higher. But if you have a standard tablet chlorinator up the dosage, or with salt increase the percentage of chlorine output.

    2. If the water has been in circulation for years, drain it and change the water. You can’t remove the organic soup that accumulated over time, you just end up putting more and more expensive chemicals in.

  2. My pool was showing 0 CYA. It felt like we were burning thru chlorine fairly fast. I’ve been in the house 3 years and had never added (nor tested) CYA prior. I added ~ 5 lbs of Cyanuric Acid. Tested a day later still showed 0. Added 3 more lbs. … for a total of 8 lbs. I ran the system for the recommended 24 hours. Still showed ~0. Used multiple test strips. I live in AZ and estimate the pool is around 13,000 gallons. All other measurements of chlorine, alkalinity, pH etc. are within range. Any guesses why the CYA isn’t registering? If it seems like we’re not using as much chlorine, do I assume the CYA is working but just not registering???

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