Are Saltwater Pools Salty?

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  1. Question
    I went from a 1.5 hp motor to a 2 hp motor
    Do you think the increased flow will effect my salt system?
    Thanks for any help
    Wes Carl

    1. If you only changed the motor but did not upgrade the impeller to a 2 HP, then you have not actually increased your water flow. The impeller is the part that pulls the water, the motor just spins it. So, if you have a 2 HP motor spinning the same 1.5 HP impeller, you are pushing the same amount of water as before but spending more money in electricity to do so.

      1. I did change the complete unit So now I have a jacked up flow
        Thoughts on salt system working properly
        Wes Carl

  2. I switched back to chlorine yesterday although there is still salt in the pool. I turned off the generator. I don’t want to drain and refill. It will take some time to get all the salt out. The reason is because the salt rusted everything within three months. I also find chlorine to be easier to adjust the chemicals which isn’t the hugest deal. If your pool is outside I would go with salt. Mine is indoors and I had to replace all my door hinges and even the light fixture in the bathroom rushed in that short time. Know your environment.

  3. I have an AGP with salt water system. My water. Does taste salty and I can’t figure out why? Any suggestions

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